Lance Thomas
Team: Knicks
PhysicalsPositionsRankings SalaryMisc
H: 6' 8"
W: 200 lbs
Bday: 04/24/1988
(29 Years Old)
Current: PF
Possible: PF
RSCI: 21
Agent: John Spencer
Current Salary:$915,243
High School: St. Benedict Prep
Hometown: Newark, NJ

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2016/17NBALance Thomas4120.
2016/17NBALance Thomas4120.

High School Allstar Games Recap: Player Interviews
April 25, 2006

DraftExpress: Everyone knows that youíre down to Rutgers and Duke. Have you set a timetable as to when youíre going to make a decision?

Thomas: Iím looking to make my decision shortly after this game. Probably within the next week or two.

DraftExpress: Tell me about the pros and cons that Duke and Rutgers offer respectively.

Thomas: The pros for Rutgers are the chance to get immediate playing time and if I go there, you know Eugene Harvey would come with me. We play really well together and we play in New Jersey and would play in front of our state and could turn the program around. Iím inspired by that. The cons are that theyíre not really established yet and Iíd be taking a big risk, but it takes special people to do things like that and I think pretty capable of it, but right now Iíve gotta do whatís best for me.

For DukeÖYou canít really pinpoint anything bad about Duke. I really canít think of any cons that come to mind. People say ďDuke and Rutgers, itís a no brainerĒ, but when you look at it from different angles and different prospective, you see things through a different light. Thatís why Iím waiting to make my decision.

DraftExpress: Are you waiting to see who Rutgers announces as their head coach before making a decision?

Thomas: I think Fred Hill is the head coach right now. Basically, whoever it is doesnít really change things for me. If Gary Watters were still there, itíd still be the same. ďFred HillĒ? is a great recruiter. Heís recruited me for a very long time and I think the world of him. As the same for Coach K. I think the world of both those coaches. This is a very crucial decision because itís the next four years of my life, thatís why Iím taking my time and making the right choice.

DraftExpress: Your versatility is going to allow you to develop into a three or a four at the next level. What position do you think youíll play in college?

Thomas: I just want to play. The 3 or the 4. Iím going to do what it takes to win. Iím not on the floor for numbers or anything. I played for a winning program under Coach Hurley. Winning is in my blood. Iíll do the little things to win. I donít have to score points to effect the game, but I can score. Whatever position they put me in, Iím going to play.

DraftExpress: So one of the main reasons that youíre considering Rutgers is because of the immediate playing time youíd receive?

Thomas: Playing time is critical. Freshman year, you could be a diaper dandy or you could be in the shadows. I donít want to be a mediocre player because I think Iíve worked too hard for that. My drive for greatness is very strong. Itíd be an underachievement for myself not to have a good freshman year.

DraftExpress: What aspects of your game are you looking to improve upon most?

Thomas: Everything. Most importantly, my perimeter game. Iíve been working out really hard with Coach Hurley in the morning before school We work out after school. Weíre just going through his workout plan and itís really helping me a lot with my game. He sees how motivated I am and he knows that I want to be a pro. Heís giving up his personal time waking up extra early. He lives about an hour and a half away from the school, and he wakes up every morning to work out with me on my game. I just want to be the best player I can be.

DraftExpress: Speaking of going pro, what are your thoughts on the NBAís new age limit?

Thomas: It doesnít effect me because I never thought I was going pro out of high school, and I never had my mind on that. I think it is holding some players back. Guys that could come in and have an immediate impact on the league. What can two years in college do to detriment your game? I think it can only help you. Iím going to use it to my advantage, so just make the best of it. Further your education and youíre going to further your game, so just make the best of it.

DraftExpress: Thanks a lot Lance and best of luck in the game Sunday.

Thomas: Youíre welcome. Thanks for interviewing me.

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Roundball Classic: Game Recap
April 12, 2006

Thomas had a bit of an off night Sunday, as he shot the ball extremely poorly from the field to start off and never seemed to get things going after that. He was out of control at times and made some bad decisions, but played hard the entire game with his usual nonstop motor. Lance will be deciding very soon between Rutgers or Duke, but regardless of which school he attends, he made it clear that he will be refining his perimeter skills to allow him to play both forward positions.

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Roundball Classic: Practice Reports
April 11, 2006

Thomas is a tough player to project at the next level, due to his lack of size and true position, but is still a pleasure to watch each time he steps foot on the floor. On Saturday, he used his athleticism to blow past opposing forwards, finishing at the rim with ease each time. Lanceís virtually nonstop motor and energetic play wear down opposing forwards, allowing him to score his fair share of garbage points by outworking his opponent. Thomas is currently narrowed his collegiate choices to Rutgers and Duke, and will have to decide which is more important, immediate playing time at Rutgers or potentially winning the national championship at Duke.

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2006 McDonald's All-American Game, individual player breakdown
March 30, 2006

The New Jersey native had a solid night, contributing his usual scrappy play to the plethora of shoot first all stars. Thomas is attempting to make the transition from power forward to small forward, but is struggling in the mean time at it. Regardless, itís always a pleasure to watch the forwardís heady, active play, as it seems like he has a motor that seemingly never stops. Lance is down to Rutgers and Duke for next season, but neither really seem to fit the bouncy forwardís game too well.

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