Jermareo Davidson
Team: Alabama
PhysicalsPositionsRankings SalaryMisc
H: 6' 11"
W: 230 lbs
Bday: 11/17/1984
(32 Years Old)
Current: PF/C
Possible: PF/C
RSCI: 68
Agent: Andy Miller
High School: Wheeler
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Drafted:  Pick 36 in 2007 by Warriors

Predraft Measurements
YearSourceHeight w/o ShoesHeight w/shoesWeightWingspanStanding ReachBody FatNo Step VertMax Vert
2007NBA Pre-Draft Camp6' 9.5"6' 11"2307' 4"9' 1.5"6.927.030.0
YearSourceHeight w/o ShoesHeight w/shoesWeightWingspanStanding ReachBody FatNo Step VertMax Vert
2007NBA Pre-Draft Camp6' 9.5"6' 11"2307' 4"9' 1.5"6.927.030.0

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Las Vegas Summer League Day Three
July 14, 2008

Davidson looked as good today as he did yesterday, using his size and athleticism to make an impact around the rim. He shows better footwork than he used to, and had a couple of nice seals for strong finishes. When he couldnít get a good look at the rim, he showed impressive vision in traffic, dropping two nice passes to teammates while spinning through the lane. His comfortable level in this setting is a testament to what a season of experience has done for him. Heís not making nearly as many mistakes as he did last year, and is beginning to figuring things out defensively as well, using leverage better to gather rebounds and hold position on the block.

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Orlando Pre-Draft Camp: Final Recap
June 4, 2007

Throughout his three games in Orlando, Davidson showed a wide array of skills that automatically made him one of the more intriguing players in attendance. The effort didnít always match the skills, however, and the former Alabama big man managed to only put it together for one full game out of the three.

Offensively, Davidson prefers to shoot jumpers and fade away from the basket with his moves inside rather than using his body to draw contact after using one of his many moves in the paint. It is possible that added weight would help in this aspect, but the soft mentality also hurts in this area. In terms of offensive skills, Davidson can hit the jumper from 15 feet and has the footwork to create a nice series of hook shots and up and under type moves from the low block. At different times this week, he made some absolutely outstanding moves going to the basket after facing up from 12 feet as well. The natural tools are there for Davidson to become a threat from either the power forward or center positions at the NBA level.

Defensively, his lack of toughness hurts him here as well, though he does use his combination of length and good instincts to be competent in this area. To improve, he will need to play with a much better focus on defense and rebounding. There were times during the week where Davidson used his body well to box out before using his leaping ability and big hands to rebound over other big men. On other occasions, he lacked the effort to get easy rebounds that nearly fell right into his hands.

Despite the lack of effort at times, Davidson helped his stock overall at the camp here in Orlando. His skill-set on the offensive end in combination with good defensive potential make him a good value for any team picking in the early part of the second round. It is important to remember that Davidson also dealt with a great personal tragedy this season, which almost certainly affected his focus on the basketball court.

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Orlando Pre-Draft Camp: Day Four
June 3, 2007

Jermareo Davidson put up his camp-highs in points, rebounds, and blocks today, definitely having his best all-around performance, putting together a lot of the flashes heís shown in the previous days, playing like many people knew he had the ability to do. Davidson stuck to his strengths here today, scoring mostly on finesse moves from the 5-10 feet range, primarily off back-to-the-basket situations, and by cutting to the rim and finishing on strong, athletic jams. From the mid-block area, Davidson went to work by scoring with various hook shots and fadeaway jumpers, using his length and touch to get the advantage on his defender.

Defensively, Davidson was on and off, struggling a bit with perimeter defense on Ivan Radenovic, not really showing much in the line of fundamentals defending perimeter drives to the basket. He also lost Radenovic a few times with off-ball defense, leaving him open on the perimeter. Davidson did do a good job contesting shots from the weakside in the lane, though, using his athleticism and length to make some nice blocks on opposing drivers. Davidson did manage to grab a nice amount of rebounds over the course of the game, but he doesnít always box his man out and he could pursue the ball in a crowd a bit better, as he has the tools to rebound over most players here.

Davidson has a great set of physical tools and some nice groundwork in terms of skills, so teams will definitely take a long look at him in the early second round. Davidson could use some more bulk on his frame, though, and he would also be a more complete player if he spent more time in the post, as he often settles for face-up type stuff from the mid-range.

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Orlando Pre-Draft Camp: Day Three
June 1, 2007

Davidson did little shed the Ďsoftí label today, but show impressive skills for the second day in a row. Early on, he did go towards the basket aggressively after catching the ball inside, and received the foul call on the resulting dunk attempt. Later in the game, he faked right and drove left for an impressive half-hook in the lane that he finished while drawing the contact. After watching the other big men playing in this camp, it is hard to imagine another one of them completing such a move. Davidson also displayed the ability to knock down a spot-up jumper when left open near the free throw line.

There were a few plays where Davidson lost focus and just showed a lack of effort, especially when it came to rebounding. He struggled with help defense positioning at times as well, and this led to foul throughout the game today. Davidson has the talent and athleticism to have a long career in the NBA. To give himself a great chance, he will have to work at playing more physical and providing a more consistent effort for the full 40 minutes.

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Orlando Pre-Draft Camp: Day Two
May 30, 2007

Davidson didnít exactly light up the stat sheet in his first game, but passed the look test with flying colors. Davidson failed to convert on several impressive moves in the first half, where he was able to use his athleticism to get around slower big men off the dribble or spin into the lane right around the basket. Davidsonís tendency to shy away from contact and fade away certainly hurt his production here, but even when floating away from the basket his offensive polish was hard to ignore. He showed fantastic athleticism when matched up against traditional big men, and blocked a Dominic McGuire layup attempt in the second half as a help defender. Davidson got the offense rolling a bit in the second as well, knocking down one perimeter jumper from the top of the key and hitting a turnaround in the mid-post.

Even without the impressive statistical results, Davidson still displayed the combination of polish and upside rarely seen in this setting anymore. He certainly could help himself by playing a more paint-oriented game, and watching Justin Doellman keep him from getting good post position made it obvious that he still needs to add quite a bit of strength. But this isnít a raw prospect still learning the nuances of the game, either. Davidson should be a capable rebounder and defender early in his career, and is skilled enough to fit into a variety of different offenses. It should be interesting to see if Davidson can build some significant momentum through the remainder of the camp.

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West Coast Swing: Day 6 (Jermareo Davidson, Aaron Brooks, etc)
May 26, 2007

Jermareo Davidson is obviously one of the more skilled and talented big men weíve evaluated on this trip so far. Heís extremely agile for a 6-11 player, with a nice wingspan and very skinny frame that looks like it has the potential to add plenty more weight. His jump-shot is silky smooth, and he has range that extends all the way out to the NBA 3-point line. Inside the arc, he can hit shots even in motion, showing great touch and the ability to put the ball on the floor and pull-up off the dribble. When he decides to take the ball all the way to the rack (as he did in the five on five), he shows great body control in the lane, even being able to find the open man accurately on a drive and dish for example. On one play in the pick-up game he skied high for a rebound and took the ball coast to coast all by himself, finishing the play with an athletic layup off the glass. Considering the way he can create his own shot, itís not shocking that some people here are wondering whether he might have the potential to play some small forward down the road in the NBA, at least on the offensive end. Here in Vegas, heís everyoneís favorite sleeper, although they all mention the caveats we will get to in a second.

Davidson showed some extremely concerning shot selection throughout the 5 on 5 game. This is not really anything shockingly new considering that he shot 40.7% from the field in his senior year, but it is somewhat worrying to watch in person. He settled repeatedly for questionable shots from behind the arc, often off balance, early in the offense, and in wild fashion. Again and again he went to his turnaround fade-away jumper from behind the 3-point line (ala Kobe or Vince), while rarely attempting to establish any type of presence inside the paint with his back to the basket. When he did receive the ball in the paint with single coverage, he seemed to avoid taking contact at all costs, spinning away from his man rather than into him in order to draw a foul and finish strong.

Davidson will be attending the Orlando pre-draft camp and would be well served to compliment his perimeter game with some toughness inside the arc. Most NBA coaches (they canít ALL be Mike DíAntoni after all) wonít play a big man who wonít play strong defense and rebound the ball with purpose, and this is a great way for Davidson to show off his excellent physical attributes and help show that his disappointing senior season was just an aberration. He will be one of the more intriguing big guys to watch at the pre-draft camp (particularly in the drills), but he will have to play within himself and try to show off the other facets of his game besides his perimeter shooting.

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NCAA Tournament: Stock Watch (round of 32, #1), Stock DOWN/NEUTRAL
March 19, 2006

After dominating Marquette inside in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, Davidson displayed flashes of an even more polished offensive game against UCLA. He made a few nice moves inside where he was able to control his body and wait until there was no threat of his shot being blocked before putting the ball in the hoop. Davidson also hit 3 mid-range shots within the flow of the offense, and was a threat to score every time he touched the ball. He did next to nothing on the glass, however, and played some very clueless help defense. UCLA drove the ball into the paint throughout the entire game, and neither Davidson nor his teammates were able to stop them from scoring inside.

As a junior, it would be perfect if Davidson could enter his name into the draft this year to test his stock and stay in if he hears what he likes. Unfortunately he already burned his draft card last season, making that a non-option unless he is willing to jeopardize his very obvious NBA future by being drafted in the 2nd round, as he is clearly not ready for the NBA. He proved to be a capable offensive player in his two games in the NCAA tournament, but his help defense and rebounding displays against UCLA and throughout this season were less than desirable for a player going into the draft. It would be best for Jarmareo Davidson to return his senior year and prove he can be a dominant force inside on both ends of the floor to solidify a slot in the first round. Otherwise heíll be playing with fire.

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NCAA Tournament: Oakland Bracket NBA Draft Prospects
March 16, 2006

After foolishly declaring for the draft last year, Davidson has come back to Alabama and doubled his scoring output this season from 7ppg to 14ppg. He has very good athleticism, and a nice frame, though he needs to add weight to maximize his NBA potential. To improve his draft stock, Davidson will need to show he can develop some sort of game with his back to the basket. Right now, Jamareo scores a lot off garbage points and mid-range jumpers, but lacks the ability to create for himself when given the ball in the post. If Jamareo Davidson shows improvement on the offensive end during the NCAA Tournament, as well as potential on the defensive and rebounding ends, he could set himself up for a strong senior season to possibly work himself into the first round in 2007. Declaring this year as heís implied that he might would be suicide after already jumping the gun by burning his only draft card last year.

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NCAA Tournament practices at Cleveland State University
March 17, 2005

Davidson looked to be a legitimate 6'10, as he is listed by Alabama. I was pleasantly surprised with Jamareo's range, which extended well beyond the college three point arc. He had nice lift, a high release point, and looked quite comfortable shooting the ball from deep. If Jamareo continues to improve over the next two years, chances are that we will probably hear his name called some time in the 2007 NBA draft.

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