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Omar Wilkes
Works for: Octagon
Current and Future Known Guaranteed Salary Represented as Primary Agent: $0
Current and Future Known Non-Guaranteed Salary Represented: $0

Ryan Anderson - (Secondary)Jabari Brown - (Secondary)Jordan Clarkson - (Third)
Solomon Hill - (Secondary)Wesley Johnson - (Secondary)Ryan Kelly - (Third)
T.J. McConnell - (Secondary)Casey Prather - (Secondary)Isaiah Taylor - (Secondary)
Alan Williams - (Secondary) 

Team Option | Player Option / ETO | Qualifying Offer | Partially Unguaranteed | Bought Out

Jabari Brown (Secondary Agent)$9,942$0$0$0$0$9,942
Ryan Anderson (Secondary Agent)$8,491,500$8,500,000$0$0$0$16,991,500
Solomon Hill (Secondary Agent)$1,302,840$1,358,880$0$0$0$2,661,720
T.J. McConnell (Secondary Agent)$525,093$874,636$1,014,746$1,088,038$0$2,414,475
Wesley Johnson (Secondary Agent)$915,243$1,100,602$1,227,286$0$0$3,243,131
Jordan Clarkson (Third Agent)$507,336$845,059$1,180,431$0$0$1,352,395
Ryan Kelly (Third Agent)$1,650,000$1,724,250$2,155,313$0$0$3,374,250
includes POs/ETOs

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