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Mark Bartelstein
Works for: Priority Sports
Current and Future Known Guaranteed Salary Represented as Primary Agent: $391,667,059
Current and Future Known Non-Guaranteed Salary Represented: $30,229,832

Alexis Ajinca - (Primary)Louis Amundson - (Primary)Alan Anderson - (Primary)
Bradley Beal - (Primary)Shannon Brown - (Primary)Will Bynum - (Primary)
Jose Calderon - (Primary)Isaiah Canaan - (Primary)DeMarre Carroll - (Primary)
Troy Daniels - (Primary)Austin Daye - (Primary)Sam Dekker - (Primary)
Jared Dudley - (Primary)Perry Ellis - (Primary)Jeremy Evans - (Primary)
Alonzo Gee - (Primary)Taj Gibson - (Primary)Justin Hamilton - (Primary)
Tim Hardaway Jr - (Primary)Joe Harris - (Primary)Gordon Hayward - (Primary)
Lester Hudson - (Primary)Robbie Hummel - (Primary)R.J. Hunter - (Primary)
Joe Ingles - (Primary)Demetrius Jackson - (Primary)Damion James - (Primary)
James Johnson - (Primary)Dahntay Jones - (Primary)Carl Landry - (Primary)
Jake Layman - (Primary)David Lee - (Primary)Jon Leuer - (Primary)
Doug McDermott - (Primary)Mitch McGary - (Primary)E'Twaun Moore - (Primary)
Larry Nance - (Primary)Andrew Nicholson - (Primary)Steve Novak - (Primary)
Jeremy Pargo - (Primary)Jannero Pargo - (Primary)Adreian Payne - (Primary)
Mason Plumlee - (Primary)Miles Plumlee - (Primary)Marshall Plumlee - (Primary)
Brandon Rush - (Primary)Ramon Sessions - (Primary)Jason Smith - (Primary)
Nik Stauskas - (Primary)Greg Stiemsma - (Primary)Garrett Temple - (Primary)
Ronny Turiaf - (Primary)Kyle Wiltjer - (Primary)Nick Young - (Primary)

Team Option | Player Option / ETO | Qualifying Offer | Partially Unguaranteed | Bought Out

Adreian Payne (Primary Agent)$1,855,320$1,938,840$2,022,240$3,100,094$4,333,931$0$5,816,400
Alan Anderson (Primary Agent)$1,276,061$4,000,000$0$0$0$0$5,276,061
Alexis Ajinca (Primary Agent)$981,084$4,389,607$4,713,203$5,036,798$5,360,394$0$20,481,086
Alonzo Gee (Primary Agent)$915,243$1,320,000$1,379,400$0$0$0$3,614,643
Andrew Nicholson (Primary Agent)$1,545,840$2,380,593$3,394,726$0$0$0$3,926,433
Austin Daye (Primary Agent)$1,063,384$0$0$0$0$0$1,063,384
Bradley Beal (Primary Agent)$4,505,280$5,694,674$7,471,412$0$0$0$10,199,954
Brandon Rush (Primary Agent)$1,145,685$1,270,964$0$0$0$0$2,416,649
Carl Landry (Primary Agent)$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$0$0$0$19,500,000
Dahntay Jones (Primary Agent)$17,637$0$0$0$0$0$17,637
David Lee (Primary Agent)$15,012,000$15,493,680$0$0$0$0$30,505,680
DeMarre Carroll (Primary Agent)$2,442,455$13,600,000$14,200,000$14,800,000$15,400,000$0$60,442,455
Doug McDermott (Primary Agent)$2,277,960$2,380,440$2,483,040$3,294,994$4,510,847$0$7,141,440
E'Twaun Moore (Primary Agent)$948,163$1,015,421$0$0$0$0$1,963,584
Garrett Temple (Primary Agent)$981,084$1,100,602$0$0$0$0$2,081,686
Gordon Hayward (Primary Agent)$14,746,000$15,409,570$16,073,140$16,736,710$0$0$62,965,420
Greg Stiemsma (Primary Agent)$915,243$0$0$0$0$0$915,243
Isaiah Canaan (Primary Agent)$816,482$947,276$1,215,696$0$0$0$1,763,758
James Johnson (Primary Agent)$2,500,000$2,500,000$0$0$0$0$5,000,000
Jannero Pargo (Primary Agent)$915,243$0$0$0$0$0$915,243
Jared Dudley (Primary Agent)$4,250,000$4,375,000$0$0$0$0$8,625,000
Jason Smith (Primary Agent)$3,278,000$4,300,000$0$0$0$0$7,578,000
Jeremy Evans (Primary Agent)$1,794,871$1,100,602$1,227,286$0$0$0$4,122,759
Joe Harris (Primary Agent)$884,879$845,059$980,431$1,251,245$0$0$2,710,369
Joe Ingles (Primary Agent)$507,336$2,150,000$2,150,000$2,687,500$0$0$4,807,336
Jon Leuer (Primary Agent)$967,500$1,035,000$0$0$0$0$2,002,500
Jose Calderon (Primary Agent)$7,097,191$7,402,812$7,708,427$0$0$0$22,208,430
Justin Hamilton (Primary Agent)$816,482$0$0$0$0$0$816,482
Larry Nance Jr. (Primary Agent)$1,155,600$1,207,680$1,259,640$2,272,391$3,369,956$0$2,363,280
Lou Amundson (Primary Agent)$1,635,476$0$0$0$0$0$1,635,476
Louis Amundson (Primary Agent)$915,243$0$0$0$0$0$915,243
Mason Plumlee (Primary Agent)$1,357,080$1,415,520$2,328,530$3,371,712$0$0$5,101,130
Miles Plumlee (Primary Agent)$1,169,880$2,109,294$3,113,318$0$0$0$3,279,174
Mitch McGary (Primary Agent)$1,400,040$1,463,040$1,526,040$2,430,982$3,503,045$0$4,389,120
Nick Young (Primary Agent)$4,994,420$5,219,169$5,443,918$5,668,667$0$0$21,326,174
Nik Stauskas (Primary Agent)$2,745,840$2,869,440$2,993,040$3,807,147$5,132,034$0$8,608,320
R.J. Hunter (Primary Agent)$1,148,640$1,200,240$1,251,960$2,259,788$3,367,084$0$2,348,880
Ramon Sessions (Primary Agent)$2,077,000$2,170,465$0$0$0$0$4,247,465
Robbie Hummel (Primary Agent)$880,000$0$0$0$0$0$880,000
Ronny Turiaf (Primary Agent)$1,500,000$0$0$0$0$0$1,500,000
Sam Dekker (Primary Agent)$1,646,400$1,720,560$1,794,600$2,760,095$3,916,575$0$3,366,960
Shannon Brown (Primary Agent)$250,000$0$0$0$0$0$250,000
Steve Novak (Primary Agent)$3,445,947$3,750,001$0$0$0$0$7,195,948
Taj Gibson (Primary Agent)$8,000,000$8,500,000$8,950,000$0$0$0$25,450,000
Tim Hardaway (Primary Agent)$1,250,640$0$0$0$0$0$1,250,640
Troy Daniels (Primary Agent)$816,482$947,276$1,215,696$0$0$0$1,763,758
Will Bynum (Primary Agent)$2,916,000$0$0$0$0$0$2,916,000
includes POs/ETOs

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