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Derrick Powell
Works for: Tandem Sports + Entertainment
Current and Future Known Guaranteed Salary Represented as Primary Agent: $12,083,178
Current and Future Known Non-Guaranteed Salary Represented: $5,000,000

Wayne Blackshear - (Primary)Jordan McRae - (Primary)Arinze Onuaku - (Primary)
Donell Taylor - (Primary)Ronell Taylor - (Primary)CJ Watson - (Primary)

Team Option | Player Option / ETO | Qualifying Offer | Partially Unguaranteed | Bought Out

C.J. Watson (Primary Agent)$2,077,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$17,077,000
Jordan McRae (Primary Agent)$6,178$0$0$0$6,178

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